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Now that the latest version of Windows is out, businesses are asking, Windows 8 - is it too early? There are new features in Windows 8 and some of the old features have been removed, so is it a good idea to change your operation over to the latest version?

Windows 8 - Is it Too Early? Computer Repair Houston Weighs In

In general, Windows has been getting better with each release. However, new releases tend to be buggy for at least the first 6 months after they are released. If you switch over now, you will be a potential guinea pig who will be offering Microsoft free testing as you encounter bugs and problems.

When it comes to critical business functions, Computer Repair Houston recommends waiting at least 6 months after release before adopting Windows 8. Your best bet would be to wait until spring or summer of 2013 and evaluate your needs again.

What Could Happen If You Switch Too Early?

Maybe your system will work flawlessly with Windows 8, but it is highly unlikely that you will have no problems at all. Computer Repair Houston sees a number of risks to your business if you are an early adopter, including:

  • Computer crashes
  • Programs will be incompatible
  • Hardware failures such as printers, scanners, etc.
  • Loss of critical business functions
  • Possible long wait times until new issues are resolved by Microsoft and other software manufacturers

In the end, these risks could end up costing your business money and damaging its reputation with your clients.

Windows 8 - Is It Too Early? Learning From The Past

There is precedent for migrating your systems to a new version of Windows too early. Vista was one of Microsoft's worst operating releases when it comes to incompatibility and general crashes and bugs with the operating system. Many people chose to stay with or revert to the previous version (Windows XP) rather than take the plunge.

If you have any questions about Windows 8 and about whether it might be right for you, call 713-784-9994. Computer Repair Houston is ready to assist you with any repair, networking, or installation service you require.

Owning any leading-of-the range device, such as for instance product desktops and smartphones, is much like acquiring a package of premium candy as of late. It is certainly one of many fastest-selling devices due to their amazing innovativeness. Additionally, having an Android-powered gizmo is almost such as for instance a position mark-it means that you will be upto-date together with the latest engineering gadgets. In fairness to Android operating systems, they positively make lifestyle easier. Giving e mails, browsing the World Wide-Web and playing online flash games get most been possible when Android first stepped in to the picture.

Will your unit feel like it is missing something? Probably your activities are outdated and monotonous. Listed below are 10 fun android activities that you may download-free for your telephone:

ONE. Pocket Empires Online

That is a web-based war-game. One could collect, construct, beat and do far more within this game. You can find over 10 special constructions that you could construct in the city. Additionally, there are 30 diverse animals to be caught.

2. Simultaneous Empire Age of Victory

This can be a massive-multiplayer roleplaying sport that employs GPS to overlay the parallel earth. You can chitchat, struggle and visit additional gamers in the recreation. The game centers around putting banners, planting timber, accumulating resources and building the items struggle a number of beings.

THREE. Cestos

It is a challenge sport joined with a large amount of people from throughout the world. You're able to get to achieve encounter, uncover new and enjoyable features, customize your avatar and socialize together with your pals.

SOME. Abduction

This can be a game about friends being abducted by aliens. You view it must follow the UFO into room and grab each power-up that you can find while hoping very hard not to slip.

5. What the Doodle (Lite)

This is a real-time online multiplayer pull-speculate recreation that's a number of types and societal functions. The Lite type is limited simply on the easy setting, which means you cannot access the Face Area Doodling recreation on different designs.

SOME. Bonsai Boost

This can be a sport of shooting coloured balls in-groups of SEVERAL or more. The action will get harder because the levels continues.

7. Battleships

That is one of many classic guessing games that you can utilize to discover battleships. The goal is to ruin your entire predatorsHA battleships-before they come to damage yours.

8. Home-run Combat animations Free

This really is an internet game that is about matching upward and planning mind-to-head against brilliant baseball sluggers. This really is greatest for cool people.

NINE. Duplicate Island

This can be exactly about aiding Tutor Kabochanomizu. Ones figure will be a little green software with rockets for the foot. The objective is to find the strange artifact on a unusual area. You've forty demanding ranges and 3 special being to accomplish your target.

10. Capture

This is a fun recreation where your vision is aimed toward capturing the display region by entangling the moving balls inside walls. It has power ups along with a benefit method as-well, therefore you can generate 1000000 things within a level.Article Source: writes regarding Android Tablets Nut and it is open to compose guest posts for your weblog/website consequently simply contact him if you are thinking about free-content on your site.

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